January News

I just sent out my first news letter and here it is so that you can read it retrospectively!

Happy New Year!

To all subscribers at Topsecrethobbyhq!

I figured it is about time I put out a newsletter to let you all know what’s going on with TSHHQ, after all isn’t that what you are supposed to do when you have a website?

Well first up, I have had loads of fun buying kits and selling them to those lovely punters who have already taken the plunge. Pre-orders have been popular and there have been a few nibbles at the forum, which I would love to see take off. I can see that with Facebook being so convenient, it is a bit like trying to reinvent the wheel but if we all pitch in I think it would be great to have discussion and peer review happening in the same place as a market where you can buy the stuff. It’s always great to see what others are doing and to share some banter. I’ll keep posting on TSHHQ and maybe more will join in over time?

A technical point; I have worked out that the site works much better through a web browser than the Wix app, which is also slow for uploading pictures.

I have some ideas for reviews and blog articles and will give that some attention soon as I get my current exhibition out the door!

As far as new products are concerned, I have focussed a lot on Eduard and have also added Brassin and other accessories so you can get the whole thing in one place. One idea I have considered is doing project packs, where you buy the kit with accessories thrown in at a good discount. Let me know what you think of this.

A couple of peachy items coming in include the Special Hobby X-15a in 32nd scale. It measures out at over 50cm when built! Previous incarnations of this kit have gone for over £150 on the secondary market. I have listed one so far and you may have to fight me for the other!

From Hasegawa there is the new boxing of their 72nd scale F-15DJ. I have the exquisite Reskit afterburner cans and some cockpit accessories and may put this together in a project pack.

If big stuff is your thing, I had the HK Lancaster cockpits, which came and went very quickly, (snooze you lose), but I still have one of the 3 in 1 limited export variants in stock. You know you want it! 😳😂😂😂

Arriving shortly are the Eduard Me110G’s and I have ordered all the trimmings for those too.

Worthy mention goes to the Eduard PE for the Zvezda C-130 which is now available. I have all but the cargo netting, but that is on backorder and will be listed soon as it comes back into stock! I ordered two JASDF sheets from two Drawdecal for myself and if I get to build one, I like the all blue one!

Eduard Mk1 Spit engines are on back order as they went in a blink also. Finally, the ICM Tiger Moths are promised for January and I hope to hear news of the Whirlwinds soon also.

So please do consider posting work, ideas and questions on the forums. It would be great to see this thing come to life.

And keep me posted on your wish lists for future releases so I can put them on the pre-order page. Ultimately this is not a get rich quick scheme, but hopefully a cooperative for us modellers so we can all get our hands on those lovely boxes and tuck them into our stash - or build if you must! 😳🙄🤗🤗

Anyway, thanks for reading. Keep posting and look out for more news soon!

All the best for now,

Andrew Lansley

Top Secret Hobby HQ

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